World Bank says : Africa is on the rise. We need governments that are forward thinking and bold.


By 2023, the drone economy will have grown exponentially. Leading African countries in the drone economy are Rwanda, Ghana, South Africa and Kenya. Continentally both Rwanda and Ghana are leading disruptors by using drones to fly medical supplies into rural areas.


Franz Drees-Gross, the Regional Director of the World Bank, in outlining the potential for technology and e-commerce in Africa said.


 “Drones can accelerate Africa’s digital economy. Many communities are digitally online, if geographically remote. If farmers, mechanics, medical facilities and markets in remote areas are able to order supplies online by mobile phone and have them delivered by drone, rather than having to transport goods over ground, production in many areas will see an exponential boost.  If customers and suppliers are able to make and receive payments via mobile technology, that boost is amplified further. We need governments that are forward thinking and bold. Africa is on the rise.”


African Drone Forum 2020

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